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Protect Your Vehicle

extend service plan
  • Supplement to warranty coverage.
  • Easy financing; installment payment plans available.
  • Rental/Towing benefits and Roadside Assistance.
  • Advanced technology coverage.
  • Minimal out-of-pocket expense.
  • Gas-and-Go Driving.
  • Transferrable/Cancelable.
tire and wheel protection
  • Repairs or replaces a flat tire.
  • Repairs or replaces a damaged wheel.
  • Covers costs associated with the repair or replacement of the tire and/or wheel. Includes mounting, balancing, valve stems and taxes.
  • Protects you from hazards of the road like potholes, blowouts, glass, nails and road debris.
  • Pays the difference of what you owe and what your insurance company pays.

A package that helps shield you and your vehicle. No matter how careful you are, accidents and mishaps can happen. Help keep your vehicle and your personal information protected with Flammer 5. Talk to a Sales Team Member or Finance Manager to learn more about it.

Cosmetic Wheel Protection Benefits:
•Provides up to eight (8) individual cosmetic wheel repairs if damaged due to incidents such as curb abrasion causing scrapes or scratches, or road debris causing nicks and chips
•Covers alloy wheels that require sanding, painting or refinishing the wheel
•Covers approved costs associated with the repair of cosmetically damaged wheels, plus approved labor charges and taxes where applicable

Coverage exclusions may apply:
• Repairs made without prior authorization
• Structural damage to wheels or replacement of wheels
• Chrome wheels, alloy wheels with chrome simulation, chrome dipped wheels, fiberglass wheels, carbon fiber wheels, magnesium wheels, and powder-coated wheels• Damage caused by vandalism, hail or unmaintained roads
• Repair or replacement of tires

Dent & Ding Protection Benefits:

•Permanent removal of door dings and minor dents without harming the vehicle’s factory finish
•Covers hail damage up to the customer’s primary insurance deductible (if a claim is filed) or $1,000, whichever is less
•No limit on the number of occurrences
•At your convenience, repairs can be performed at the dealership, or at your home or office

Coverage exclusions may apply:
• Dents or dings that are larger than four (4) inches in diameter
• Dents or dings that cannot be repaired by the Paintless Dent Repair process
• Damage caused by vandalism
• Repairs that will affect or damage the vehicle’s paint or finish

Exterior & Interior Protection Benefits:
•Repair of damage to exterior paint, interior fabric, vinyl and leather
•Exterior Protection covers new and used vehicles against:
––Fading, weather-induced cracking or peeling, and oxidation of gloss
•Interior Fabric Protection covers new and used vehicles against:
––Oil and water-based food and beverage spills, child and pet mishaps, and other soiling and stains
•Interior Vinyl & Leather Protection covers new and used vehicles against:
––Fading, weather-induced cracking, and staining

Coverage exclusions may apply:
• Damage to areas of the vehicle that were not treated with the Exterior or Interior Protection product
• Damage caused by: ––Collision ––Vandalism ––Defects in the vehicle’s manufacturing materials ––Damage caused by corrosive materials

Key Replacement Benefits:
•Replacement of the covered vehicle key/remote if lost, damaged, or stolen, up to $500 per occurrence
•Lock-out assistance to unlock the vehicle if your vehicle keys are lost, damaged, or stolen, up to $100 per occurrence
•Replacement benefit for additional non-programmable keys on the same key ring up to $250 per occurrence
•Taxi, rental vehicle, or public transportation reimbursement if key cannot be replaced on
the same day up to $75 per occurrence
•Home lock-out assistance up to $100 per occurrence, with up to three (3) replacement house keys during the membership term, up
to $75 per replacement key

Coverage exclusions may apply:
• Replacement keys, if you did not receive two (2) master keys at the time of sale or lease of the vehicle
• Replacement keys, if your keys are covered by the manufacturer, repairer, or supplier’s warranty or recall
• Any replacement keys made without prior authorization

Crystal FusionTM Windshield Repellency Treatment Benefits:
•Permanent treatment of the glass with Crystal FusionTM repellency coating, making the windshield water repellent
•Reapplication of the repellency coating is provided to the covered windshield if the treated windshield fails to sustain repellency during the term of the Agreement

Coverage exclusions may apply:

• Failure to sustain repellency due to Customer’s dishonest, fraudulent or illegal acts or those committed by any person in lawful possession of the vehicle
• Failure to sustain repellency due to use of abrasive waxes or coatings

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